Grey Cup 2017 Live

The 105th Grey Cup Festival kicks off on November 21, 2017 and runs through November 26, 2017 at Lansdowne, Ottawa’s sport and entertainment destination.The Grey Cup is a Canadian football game that will be played on November 26, 2017 between the Calgary Stampeders and the Toronto Argonauts, to determine the champion for the 2017 CFL season.

The game will be played at TD Place Stadium in Ottawa, Ontario,The two teams last met (in the finals) at the 100th Grey Cup, which was won by the Argonauts.

105th Grey Cup 2017 Live Stream

Grey Cup 2017 Live

  • 105th Grey Cup presented by Shaw

    Calgary Stampeders vs. Toronto Argonauts

    From TD Place in Ottawa

    Sun 6:30PM ET / 3:30PM PT on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4, TSN5, TSN 4K

    The Grey Cup is famous not only in Canada, but also throughout the globe because it is a historic sporting event held only once per year. It denotes the championship decider for the Canadian Football League as well as the crown won by the triumphant team. The teams that win the West and East Divisional playoffs of the CFL are the only contestants that participate in the championship decider. The trophy was first custom-built by the Earl Grey in the year 1909. Research indicates that it was initially designed as a crown for the winners of the senior amateur hockey contest. However, the trophy became the ultimate crown of Canadian football after the renowned Allan Cup was preferred as the crown for amateur hockey.

    Grey Cup 2017 Live Stream

    Grey Cup history

    Several teams have made history by winning this precious trophy. For example, the Edmonton Eskimos is accredited with the dominating the championship for the longest duration having won it in five uninterrupted times between 1978 and 1982. In 1995, the Baltimore Stallions also made history when they won it forcing the trophy to leave Canada for the first time. Meanwhile, the University of Toronto Varsity Blues entered the history records after winning the first edition of the trophy. Although they lost the first match, the Parkdale Canoe Club also made history by competing in the first edition of the Grey Cup.

    The trend set during the early years of the 1900 s, in regards to the Grey Cup contest, has continued up to this day. For example, the previous match of the Grey Cup was contested in the year 2016 with Toronto serving as the venue. The selection of Toronto as the host city was based on the need to commemorate the new ownership of the Argonaut. The event took place on 27th November 2016. During the event, the Calgary Stampedes were expected to face the Ottawa Red blacks in a match that would decide the victor of the 2016 season.

    Before the match, all bookmakers and betting sites had predicted a landslide win for the Calgary Stampedes because their opponents had endured one of the worst seasons in their history. The team had a horrible season, which stood at a losing record of 8-9-1. However, the Ottawa Redblacks surprised everyone when the team toppled everyone to emerge as the victor in the East Division. Additionally, the event was held at a time when the Ottawa Red blacks had participated in the CFL for only two years. History books welcomed the Ottawa Redblacks because its achievements in conquering the East Division made it the first franchise to hold a losing record and emerge first in her division.

    Meanwhile, the Calgary Stampeders were flying high after dominating her division with a winning record of 15-2-1. The team had rewritten history by winning 14 consecutive matches to rise to position four in the CFL history. The team had also matched her historic 15 wins in a solo season. The performances of players were exceptional as the team conquered the West Division to qualify for the 2016 event. People who thought that the Ottawa Redblacks had overachieved by conquering the East Division were in for a huge shock. The Ottawa Redblacks outperformed the rival franchise to win the event. The achievements of Ottawa Redblacks shocked every stakeholder as they romped their way to become the 2016 champions with a (39-33).

    Organizers and media houses have already announced that the 105th edition of the competition will be held this year. The date for Grey Cup 2017 will be 26th November 2017. Ottawa has won the right to serve as the venue for this event. The organizers and other stakeholders opted for Ottawa, as the venue, because the Canadian sesquicentennial celebration will inevitably overlap with the event. The event will mark the seventh time that the city of Ottawa has secured the hosting rights for this event. The teams participating in the upcoming event will meet and show their might inside the TD Place Stadium. The time for the event has been confirmed with organizers expecting the event to start at approximately 6p.m. ET.

    Grey Cup Halftime Show

    Every Grey Cup event is colored by a unique entertainment session commonly known as the Grey Cup Halftime Show. The 2017 event will be no different because the organizers have confirmed that Shania Twain will rock the audience during halftime. Twain is a global superstar renowned for her achievements as a country artists over the years. She is a celebrated artists with five Grammy Awards and multiple other honors. These include being inducted into the prestigious Country Music Hall of Fame. She has been crowned as the Queen of Country Pop multiple times. Over 90 million albums associated with her work have been sold across the world.


    Media houses are reporting that the Grey Cup 2017 Tickets are now being sold to several groups of fans. The first comprises of the individuals holding season-tickets. The second cluster comprises of the fans who are ready to acquire the Home Opener Ticket Pack, which contains tickets for the first five games of the upcoming season. Only the remaining tickets are expected to be sold to the fans outside these clusters. These tickets will be sold to the fans who apply first. Currently, the tickets for the upcoming event are almost sold out. The fans can acquire the tickets through various platforms including online, via phone, as well as physically by visiting the box office situated at the host stadium.

    The executive members of the CFL announced their plans to expand the size of the stadium owned by the Ottawa Redblacks franchise to accommodate more fans for the upcoming event. In particular, the capacity of the stadium has expanded to 35,000 seats from the previous capacity of 24,000 seats. The companies already confirmed their intention to serve as the Grey Cup 2017 TV channels include ESPN and TSN. Glen Suitor will partner Chris Cuthbert as commentators for TSN. These channels will bring the entire event to the screen by broadcasting the festival and the match.

    The Grey Cup 2017 Live Stream

    ESPN is expected to broadcast the live feed of the TSN TV in the United States. The Grey Cup Festival will start on 21st November and end on 26th November after the game is over. TSN Radio and SiriusXM Radio are also expected to offer audio commentary of the game. Individuals interested in Live Streaming Grey Cup 2017 should do so using platforms like Facebook Live and YouTube. Meanwhile, will also be broadcasting live coverage of happenings related to the Grey Cup 2017 event throughout the week. The platform will cover the press conferences, warm-ups, practice, and post-game events.


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